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Spare parts and accessories for utility vehicles

  • Laatutuotteiden myyntipaikka Tuusulassa
  • Palvelemme hyvissä merkeissä, tervetuloa!
  • Luotettavaa voitelua raskaalle kalustolle
  • Alkuperäiset varaosat ja tarvikkeet
  • Tarjouksia, tapahtumia!
  • Varastossamme yli 13 000 tuotenimikettä
  • Kestävät raskaan kaluston renkaat
  • Laaja valikoima varaosia ja tarvikkeita

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Heavy machinery spare parts and accessories from Tuusula

Arikas Ltd is a company established in 1997 that specialises in selling spare parts and accessories for heavy transport vehicles, lorries, coaches and trailers. Our premises are located in Tuusula, in the Hyrylä industrial area.

We also provide spare parts and accessories for all the best-known lorries and trailers, as well as the original spare parts for Närko and Schmitz.

Our selection also includes Mobil lubricants, tires for heavy transport vehicles and detergents and car chemicals for vehicles.

We have approximately 13,000 different products in our warehouse at the moment. We strive to develop and extend our product selection continuously in order to be able to serve our customers with all their spare part needs even better than before, now and in the future. Our aim is to provide the entire spare part service through one company by making use of our extensive supply network.

Our personnel have long-standing experience in the sector and serve you in all issues related to our sector.

If we don’t have the part that you need, we will order it for you even with a tight schedule, and even delivered to you directly on agreement.

We will provide spare parts and accessories for transport machinery everywhere in Finland quickly and at an affordable price. 

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